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Bywater Wine Club

$80.00 / month


Each month, pick up a tote of 3-4 bottles of wine (exclusively picked for the club, i.e. not from our by the glass or bottle list) plus occasional treats like food pairings, bottled cocktails, new wine book releases, or wine tools we love. Wine will be accompanied by (fun) info and tasting notes with live Instagram videos available for more context and background. If you’d like to buy a single month as a gift, click here!

Out of stock


Welcome to Bywater wine club, a monthly subscription that includes 3-4 bottles we’re currently obsessed with (with notes and context, plus online videos for fun), with little surprises occasionally (a great food pairing, a new book release, a wine tool we love, etc). If you’ve been a fan of the lesser-known varietals, natural wines, and left-of-center offerings at Bywater over the past five years, then think of this as our Wine List Beta: same principals that govern our ‘by the glass’ list, but we’ll be grabbing sometimes higher-end, sometimes rarer, sometimes funkier bottlings. At $80/month we want guests to get real value in the subscription, which is why the number of bottles will fluctuate depending on their price and why we will include extra goodies from time to time, as well!

If you’d like to gift a month, click here for a one-time buy and we’ll mail a voucher in a cute gift box. Otherwise, sign up and let us curate a wine experience you can savor all month, hopefully sparking conversation, curiosity, and increased connectivity with farms and winemakers.

Like any subscription, you can cancel anytime!