Sample Menu Updated October 3, 2022


OYSTERS AND LITTLENECKS* . . . . . 3.50 ea / 18 half doz / 30 doz 


CRUDO* . . . . . all four / 44

scallop, green apple, pink celery, nasturtium  |  12

fluke, chili, husk cherry, tomatillo  |  12

black bass, fennel, salted grape, smoked bone mayo  |  12

bonito, fresh ginger, shoyu, mustard greens  |  12


BREAD & BUTTER . . . . . 4

thick sliced sourdough, rareripe onion butter


HOUSE PICKLES . . . . . 5

farmer’s market veggies



Sweet & Salty Farm yogurt, salted chili paste, chips     (add grilled shishito peppers +5)


FRITES . . . . . 7

with garlic mayo


CUCUMBER SALAD . . . . . 13

almond, chili, lemongrass


MUSHROOM & ONION SOUP . . . . . 13

chicken of the woods, mustard greens, schmaltz


garlic puree, preserved allium, olive oil


SQUASH & CRAB . . . . . 21

grape, hazelnut, sabayon


LAMB CARPACCIO . . . . . 16

shoyu cured egg yolk, preserved sour cherry,
badger flame beets, puffed spelt


THE CHEESE PLATE . . . . . 26

three selections with seasonal condiments



local clams in white wine, butter, garlic, and herbs,
with grilled sourdough 



maitake, grape, toasted yeast


SQUID CACIO E PEPE . . . . . 14 half / 24 whole 

Point Judith squid, Prica Farina bucatini, grana padano, black pepper, preserved lemon, breadcrumbs



cranberry beans, tomato, crab broth

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Treats from Instagram

rum negroni #sundayselfie 🌱 rhubarb infused wh rum negroni #sundayselfie 
🌱 rhubarb infused white rum, hanging out since late May
🧜@liquoridellesirene bitter
🍸@vermouthdolin blanc
#whitenegroni #rhubarb #rum #sirene  #bitter #salty
Morning! 🌞 Casual mid-scroll reminder that @bak Morning! 🌞 Casual mid-scroll reminder that @bakeshopwarren is open at 8am (find us at @market_mhf, too!).
📸 @janetmoscarello
#sourdough #miche #croissants #🥐 #baguettes #coffee #espresso #latte #aulait #icedcoffee #naturallyleavened
📢 PSA! 🍷 The contents of our dining room are 📢 PSA! 🍷 The contents of our dining room are currently under tarps on the patio and the floors were just completed today, so we are using tomorrow to get organized and will reopen Friday (that goes for @bakeshopwarren too!) ✨
What's this photo of, you ask? Either a middle-schooler has a big crush on us or @maret_aleesha + @bondorew have been indulging my little #SevenYearItch (*cough* post-pandemic existential crisis) with a fab refresh of our branding and menus just in time for our reopening. Look for their lively logo and sweet little illustrations when you return. Which we hope is soon. 😘
Good morning!! 🌤️ We (and by "we" I mean @dan Good morning!! 🌤️
We (and by "we" I mean @danyiels @cristolwood and their AMAZING crew) are hard at work getting the dining room ready for y'all again. Beautiful new floors and a refinished bar top showing off that gorgeous @oandgstudio tiger maple. Make reservations for next weekend - we reopen July 14, God willing and the crick don't rise. 🤞 And if you're jonesing for some good grub meanwhile, check stories for a little pop-up action featuring @lukemersfelder x @nikhil_nn at @fortnightpvd 🤩🐟🥬
We’re taking a *little* break after this week, s We’re taking a *little* break after this week, so get those reservations in now! We’re closing up for a bit longer than we normally would due to holiday vacation time coinciding with the very-exciting-long-awaited-renovation of our floors (thank you @callmetito!!!) 🎉🎉🎉

Bywater will be closed for dinner service June 28th - July 13th and reopen on July 14th. There is a chance that the floors can be done sooner (we certainly hope that this is the case!) and if so we will make it known. 

@bakeshopwarren will continue to be open Thursday through Saturday of next week before closing for break July 3rd - July 13th and reopen in July 14th. You can, however, still find us at our regularly scheduled Wednesday farmers markets during this time. 

We appreciate you all! Xo, bywater.
Yellowfin, tomato, strawberry, beach rose evoo and Yellowfin, tomato, strawberry, beach rose evoo and dill flowers on the menu. Buck-a-shucking tonight, too! All night long. As always.
Would you believe us if we told you these two have Would you believe us if we told you these two have the same birthday….well you better! Happy birthday Luke + Jeff!!!!! 👯
Black bass chop / strawberry rhubarb sofrito / bok Black bass chop / strawberry rhubarb sofrito / bok choy / smoked fish double cream + caramelized herb sauce. Available tonight and onward. Buck-a-shuck too, as always.
Lamb tartare via @hopkinssouthdowns with assorted Lamb tartare via @hopkinssouthdowns  with assorted alliums, cherry blossom, hothouse tomatoes @wishingstonefarm, smoked bone mayo, mint, cilantro + olive oil.
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Our Partners & Vendors

O&G Studio
Warren, RI
interior design + furniture

Four Town Farm
Seekonk, MA

Prica Farina
Warren, RI
pasta, cheeses

Farmer & First
Warren, RI
small business support

Larson Gunness
Warren, RI
small business support

Nomadic Pastures
Warren, RI
pasture-raised chicken

Hope & Main
Warren, RI
kitchen incubator

Farm Fresh RI
Providence, RI
local veggies, meats + more

Sweet & Salty Farm
Little Compton, RI
amazing cheeses

Fall River, MA
tinned fish

Andrade’s Catch
Bristol, RI
fresh af seafood

Warren, RI
leather goods

Further Products
Los Angeles, CA
hand soap with a cult following

The Compost Plant
Providence, RI
reuse, recycle

Newport Biodiesel
Newport, RI
reuse, recycle

Atelier LKS
Cranston, RI
branding + web

The Greenery
Warren, RI
plants + flowers

Moonrose Farm
Rehoboth, MA
eggs, produce, flowers

Long Lane Orchard
Warren, RI
farm, cidery

In Your Ear Records
Warren, RI